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This semester, I’ve been posting so little because I’ve been working on NJIT’s Solar Decathalon House for the competition in China in 2013. Information about our entry is supposed to stay secretive, so I’m not allowed to post any of it online. I’ve decided to step into the role of performance analyst for the SDContinue reading “Formulas”

Print Posters

A bit of graphic design work that I did between two classes. The Third Year students have a big project due tomorrow, so I’m trying to set up a win-win situation and get a little extra business.

Better Late Than Never

My final boards from last semester, I think that review went really well, I had a lot of content, and it was produced to the best of my ability at the time. Over the next few days, I’ll be posting the revisions I’ve done for my portfolio, culminating with actually posting my real portfolio (itsContinue reading “Better Late Than Never”

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